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Submitted by: Ellie Lewis

Company bags are not something that a business can afford not to use. Think about it, custom bags provide a functional use for customers, and perform free advertising for the company whose name is printed across the bag. For those companies who cleverly add their contact information to the front of a bag, the free advertising may attract a great deal of new customers to the firm. Carry-out containers are a good example of this kind of advertising when someone carries his food home in a delicious-smelling sack; it is bound to attract attention. When that sack features the name of the restaurant selling the delicious food, new customers are bound to find their way in to purchase a meal.

Restaurants are not the only kind of company which can benefit from stamping their band on a sack. Shops that make good use of attractive paper sacks will find that their customers are apt to reuse them over and over again. Such bags come in handy when someone has to bring a number of things with them to work or if they must bring a dish to a potluck celebration. When they are reused, the name of the store appears wherever the sack is being toted. So you see; sacks can be the best kind of billboard for a business. And even better still: it is completely affordable for even small businesses to print their name on an attractive bag.

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An interesting idea that businesses may want to use is that of the coupon which is printed on the sack. If shops and restaurants let consumers know about the latest deals happening in their place of business, those who see these billboards passing them on the street will be more likely to stop in and try out a new shop or restaurant. Another important advertising strategy is to mention an upcoming event, right there upon the sack. For instance, if your shop is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a special store discount, a graphic depicting these details can be added to it. A number of these sacks can then be passed out in the weeks leading up to the big event. As you will find, an attractive graphic may go a long way in hooking a consumer s interests.

If a customer has saved enough of your company s bags, that customer may end up giving some away as gift bags or to return items which were borrowed. When the sack changes hands, it will be introducing your business to a potential new customer or two.

High street shops are well-known for employing this kind of marketing strategy. They know that people appreciate a quality tote, and one that has an attractive graphic upon it to boot is even more likely to be reused, and therefore even more likely to serve as a free billboard for the shop or business involved. By letting your customers do the work for you, you will find that like people are drawn into your shop out of curiosity.

About the Author: Ellie Lewis recently purchased several cases of

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for her restaurant. She ordered several cases of

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with her restaurant s logo printed on it.


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