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The introduction of shows and entire networks dedicated to home improvement projects has led to the formation of DIY renegades who tackle a vast array of home renovation projects. While there are many types of repairs that an owner can do on their own, most Plumbing Repairs in Edison NJ should be performed by a licensed plumber. Trying to do the following without the right tools or knowledge can lead to property damage and headaches for a homeowner.

Shower Faucet Replacement

Most showers have a different plumbing connections that can typically only be accessed through a pre-made access panel or by cutting a hole in the drywall behind the faucet. One small error can cause water to run rapidly between the walls of a home, which is why it is a project best left to a professional.

Water Main Repairs

Whether a home is on a private well system or a city water supply, there will be a primary plumbing line that runs from the source and connects to the plumbing of a home. Most water mains require excavation so they can be accessed, and one wrong move can lead to further damage and a significant line break. A company that provides Plumbing Repairs in Edison NJ can survey the property to determine the exact location of the main, and remove the dirt so that the pipe can be accessed without creating additional issues.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

A garbage disposal uses a series of blades that spin at a high-speed to pulverize foods and send them into a home’s septic system. When one stops working, the worst thing a homeowner can do is attempt to replace it. Installing a disposal requires specialized tools and the ability to level the item accurately and secure the drain connection to ensure that the unit will not disconnect when in use.

Repairing common plumbing issues may seem simple, but many homeowners start a project only to find out they are in over their head. Apollo Sewer and Plumbing offers installation and repair services and can remedy most issues in a matter of hours. Visit to learn more and tackle any plumbing issues once and for all.

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