What Does A Sedation Dentist Do?

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There are many specializations in the professional field of dentistry. All dentists receive basic dentistry education and training before they can be licensed to practice. People who enter dentistry school typically have a bachelor s degree. Once an individual has completed their dentistry education they are a qualified general practitioner in dentistry. Some dentists choose to further their education in the field and specialize in a particular area of dentistry. Some of these specializations include orthodontics, pediatric, prosthodontics, oral pathologists and many other specialties. All of these areas focus on one of the many specialized fields of dentistry.

Once a dentist has completed his or her sedation dentistry training and education, he/she has to be board certified before they can practice as a sedation dentist.

A sedation dentist works in the dental industry. His role is to use pharmaceutical agents in order to sedate and calm a patient before and during a dental procedure as required. The job of the sedation dentist is not necessarily to reduce the pain during a dental procedure. They are actually assisting people who have phobias regarding visits to the dentist or people who are so terrified of a procedure that they want to be totally out of it when it happens. So the purpose of the sedation dentist is really to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable for the patient as possible.

The pharmacological agents that are used are usually types of sedatives. These sedatives work by suppressing the nervous system. There are different ways in which the nervous system can be suppressed using different drugs and medication.

There are different levels of sedation including minimal to deep sedation. Minimal sedation is whereby the patient s anxiety is merely reduced but they can still react to physical and verbal stimulation. In deep sedation, the patient will lose consciousness and will not react to any stimulation.

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The sedation dentist administers the drugs in two ways:

The medication is administered orally and passes through the digestive system. It can also be administered rectally.

The parenteral method is whereby the drugs are administered intravenously, intramuscular, submucosal administration and inhalation.

The most well known kind of sedation in dentistry is the laughing gas. This is inhaled by the patient. It does not make them pass out, but it does relieve the pain and puts them in a happy mood so that the procedure is not too traumatic for them.

Sedation dentistry has grown in popularity because in some cases it is the only way a patient will submit to the dental care and treatments that they need. But, it is also an important form of dentistry because it makes dental care easier in several ways.

The patient is able to relax and so they are more comfortable during their procedure

To prevent the patient from moving during procedures to prevent the dentist from making mistakes

During the invasive treatments the patient will have very little or no memory of the procedure whatsoever.

It saves time as fewer sessions are required.

Sedation dentists are very important because they enable dental procedures to be more comfortable and relaxing for the patient as well as the other specialized dentist who is performing the procedure on the patient.

They are able to sedate patients who have strong gag reflexes, who are afraid of having needles in their mouth, or have had terrible previous dental care experiences. Sedation is also the best option for people who cannot be under anesthesia or do not enjoy it. Sedation dentists are also very important for the purpose of administering sedation medications to patients who are undergoing complex oral surgeries such as dental implants or patients who are receiving a long dental procedure.

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