Disciplining Adhd Child How To Discipline A Child With Adhd

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By Paul Moss

One of the most challenging and tricky areas of ADHD is maintaining some form of control and disciplining a child with adhd, the sad fact of the matter is that there is no easy answer, no quick solution.

Regardless of what book you read, they all contain more or less the same basic materials, the crucial factor is still the bond and level of communication as well as interaction that exists between parent and child. The following is a list of tips to use when trying to maintain discipline with a child with ADHD, thus will help you in disciplining adhd children.


1. If you feel stressed, exasperated, and generally frustrated, dont feel guilty: ADHD is a stressful condition and it takes a heavy toll on the carers of children with ADHD.

2. Be patient, it is tough but remember, your child does not deliberately set out to stress you out, and cause you such worry. It is part of their condition, not borne of malice or spite.

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3. Be firm and consistent when you enforce a particular rule and regime, and do not make idle threats, make sure you act on transgressions swiftly.

4. When introducing new material make sure you take your time, breaking down the topic into manageable proportions, using audio/visual/practical examples if they will help. Dont move onto a new topic until the current topic is firmly understood, remember, a child with ADHD will take longer to process and understand information so be patient.

5. When you are scolding your child, dont let anyone else interfere or undermine you. It has to be you that tells the child why is behaviour is not acceptable.

6. Dont encourage your child when they misbehave, or give mixed signals. If they misbehave, tell them that this conduct is not appropriate. If you encourage it either overtly or covertly, the child will continue to engage in it.

7. Maintain a balance with your child, dont treat him softly simple because he has a medical condition, and thus allow for him to misbehave and get away with it. On the other hand, do not take draconian measures, resorting to physical intimidation and or violence to make a point.

8. Avoid a ceaselessly negative approach. Words such as Stop,Dont, and No often provokes the child to act in a negative way.

9. When you are asking your child to stop doing a particular action, rather than making it as an accusatory statement, ask them as if it were a favour. Avoid overly negative statements such as you must not do not.. Try changing it to Baby, can you help mom to do something?

10. When your child acts in a positive manner, make sure to reward such behaviour with an actual reward.

11. Dont simply set down a rule, and enforce it, communicate with your child and negotiate together a suitable timetable and schedule for when things need to be done.

12. Whilst trying to reduce negative behaviour, make sure that you reinforce and praise good behaviour as well. Be very generous in praising good behaviour, and your child will be more willing to behave properly.

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