ab GliderAchieving a fit and healthy body is one achievement that many dream of. But with limited time to fit in a gym schedule busy people are trying to find ways they can gain a level of fitness in their own free time at home. A product that has recently come onto the market is the ab Glider. This newly designed piece of fitness equipment will certainly save you from going to the gym and will help you attain an excellent level of core fitness in the comfort of your own home.How Does It WorkUnderstanding how the ab Glider works and its unique two motion capability will give you a better appreciation of this machine. The ab Glider is primarily designed to offer workouts for the abdominal muscles. But because it offers two degrees of motion it gives you the benefit of both the circular burn and arc crunch to exercise and maximize your core development. These two motions will help you engage more muscles, getting a better cardio workout and burn up to twice as many calories as other similar but single motion machines.Built To Work And LastThe ab Glider comprises a curved track supported by two sets of legs that are attached to circular, wide spread feet for stability. Under the ab Glider track there is a strong handle support which terminates two handles. Each handle has a rubberized handle grip to ensure that you always have a firm grip while you exerciseThe ‘Glider’ itself is like a cushioned or padded seat with two sections to kneel on as you perform your workout. Your workout can be either ‘vertical’ where the track is aligned with the handles and you can perform an ab ‘crunch’ moving to and fro towards and away from the handles. Alternatively rotate the track 180 degrees and lock it in this position at right angles to the handles for a circular burn routine.More Than Just An Exercise MachineOther items supplied with the ab glider include are an LCD monitor, an eight week diet plan and two DVD programs. The LCD monitor lets you keep track of your progress, diet is important for real fitness and the DVD’s will show you how to use the ab Glider correctly.Easy To AssembleAssembling the ab Glider will generally take you less than an hour even if you only have basic mechanical skills. The unit has a strong and sturdy steel frame and its track is built to last a lifetime. The instructions suggest that you may need two people to assemble it. But some folk who have already assembled it suggest that you can do it by yourself.Be Sure To Watch The DVD’sThe majority of purchasers have found the ab Glider to be very easy to use and with the correct posture on the machine you will definitely feel the work out for your Abs. Make sure that you watch the DVD’s and understand the correct posture and positioning. Some users who felt that the machine was not up to scratch subsequently found that correct positioning made a significant improvement.A Few Issues But!There have been some other complaints about the ab Glider from a few less than satisfied purchasers. Factors such fixed handle bars rather than adjustable ones, finding the knee cup or knee pads to be uncomfortable and having the knees slip on the pads being the most mentioned. Some folk over five and a half foot tall found the lack of adjustable handle bars a limitation But even some of those who noted these short comings were prepared to give the ab Glider a five star rating if these minor changes were made.The majority of feedback for the ab Glider has been very positive. It would not be going to far to say that the ab Glider is ideal for people who want to gain in core strength and lose some excess weight. It gives you a really good workout with both its Circular Burn and Arc Crunch motions.Beats Competitors On PriceThe equipment is also very well priced when compared with its competitors which only exercise you in one motion direction – either circular burn or ab crunch. In fact it is about 30% cheaper than the popular Ab Circle Pro and over 60% cheaper than the Ab Coaster. With it its lower price and 100% money back guarantee the ab Glider certainly warrants close consideration by anyone looking to improve their core strength and body shape.