byAlma Abell

In a world where the control one has over the many different stimuli we face, the control over the climate and temperature is by far one of the highest ranked niceties. When one is too cold, the heater is turned up or more clothes are put on. But when it comes to handling the heat, the most preferred methodology is to use Air conditioning in Tigard. With the reliance on air conditioning no longer really considered a luxury but more of a requirement (and in some areas, a standard of living), it is quite important to keep the air conditioning unit in the best possible condition. The best way to ensure it is kept at optimum working order is to ensure proper maintenance is preformed regularly. It is no wonder that there are so many companies in existence that offer to check and/or fix your Air conditioning in Tigard, especially with such an importance that is placed on this form of climate control.

The industry standard is to normally check filters every 3 or so months, depending on factors such as usage, pollen/dust count, and etc. It is also recommended to have the refrigerant checked every 6 or so months as needed. Following these best practices will ensure the air conditioning system is running as efficiently as possible, which leads to a considerably more comfortable environment. These are just the basic maintenance checks that are recommended, and a full equipment and service checkup is normally recommended every year or so depending on the area and the amount of usage. Even with the best of maintenance, there comes a time that you cannot prevent the need to replace the air conditioning system.

The question at hand then is when does one know to replace the air conditioning system? The most common signs are higher than normal humidity in the environment where the air conditioning is used, if the system is ten or more year old, rising energy bill costs, inconsistent temperature regulation, and the ever startling excessive noise the system produces. When in doubt, it is always a good practice to contact a professional who specializes in Air conditioning in Tigard, much like one would do for a car or the body itself. Using best practices and some common sense, one can obtain a good control of the climate to which one dwells in, leading to a higher level of happiness.