Are Teeth Whitening Gums Really Effective?}

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Are Teeth Whitening Gums Really Effective?


Rai MichtPeople searching to have brighter smiles, teeth whitening has become a very popular option. Because of this, so may products are made, from teeth whitening gum, over the counter teeth whitening kits, and even whitening tooth paste are becoming big selling items at most grocery and drug stores.There are so many benefits that a bright smile can give. Some of them, according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry : 1. 74% of adults surveyed believe you can impede your career by having a less than perfect smile2. for 96% of adults surveyed, a nice smile is vital in giving a positive impact and leave a good impression on the opposite sex3. as much as 99.87% of the surveyed adults is convinced that a good smile is an added benefit in your social life With results such as this, it is no wonder why professional teeth bleaching have become a $300 million a year industry. Even in the past five years, the number of dental patients seeking professional treatments has tripled. Long ago, teeth whitening can only be done inside the dentist’s office. Fortunately, present dental advances has produced many products, many of which are developed by dental companies and manufacturers. Most of these products are made for home use, and consumers can pick just about anything of their choice.One revolutionary product in the over the counter teeth whitening industry is the teeth whitening gums. A lot of dental manufacturers produce teeth whitening gums, which claims to brighten your teeth while chewing the product. Unfortunately, these products just don’t work. It would be convenient to just pop a gum in your mouth and end up with whiter teeth, but it sounds too good to be true. It is too good to be true.In reality, teeth whitening gums are only enjoyable for people who like chewing gums. They are often mint-flavored and leave the mouth with a refreshing taste. Other than being enjoyable, these teeth whitening gums has little or no teeth whitening value whatsoever. Effective teeth whitening products list carbamide peroxide as thier main ingredient, and this is not even included in teeth whitening gums. This is the main reason why teeth whitening gums do little but whiten your teeth. To have effective and longer lasting bright smile, a better solution would be to go ask your dentist for a consult on what would be the best teeth whitening that’ll suit you. For most dentist, teeth whitening trays that contain natural ingredients provide convience and better alternative for brighter, appealing smiles.

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Posted on June 15th 2018 in Dentistry

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