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If you hold a caring heart and you are always there to help the humanity then becoming a nurse will be the perfect profession for you. It doesn t matter if you have a degree or not because now you can get into the healthcare profession in few weeks by becoming a certified nursing assistant. You will be getting a few week training that enables you to pass the exam for the certification and then you will be working as certified nursing assistant. You will be working in hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres and can work individually as well by visiting patients and helping them by feeding, cleaning, grooming, and providing them the emotional support.

There are many colleges providing training classes for this program, not only these colleges but American Red Cross is also contributing by providing the CNA training classes. You can also take CNA classes online by registering yourself with various websites providing online training. There is an option for getting the classes free by joining the nursing homes. You will be trained there and once you pass the exam you will be offered a job to pay back the tuition fee and you will also start earning. The new certified nursing assistants get paid hourly with an attractive per hour rate. There are frequent pay raise and promotions; you also get great career advancement.


CNAs are the basic nurses and to start training you don t need any qualifications, however becoming a nurse with a license you may require a high school diploma or equivalent. Licensed Practical Nursing training durations are from 9 to 18 months, you have to study in class and then go to different wards for practical training in patient care under supervision of the experienced staff. There are many schools and colleges providing the Licensed Practical Nursing training, some hospitals and nursing homes are also taking classes for these training programs. On the completion of the training, you will be required to pass a license exam to start working. The exam for the license is NCLEX-PN and it is designed and administered by The National Council of State Board of Nursing. Once you pass the exam, you will get the license and you will be working as a Licensed Practical Nurse; you will also be supervising CNA and will be helping patients by dressing the wounds, preparing and giving the injections and many likewise duties.

After LPNs there are registered nurses, becoming a nurse with a four years bachelor degree will also be the right choice for the people who are looking to start a career from a degree level program. The registered nurses are highly paid nurses as they earn up to $65,000 annually. There are three ways to become a registered nurse. First of all, you can become a registered nurse by BSN which is a four years degree program, ADN which is Associate Degree in Nursing and you can have this degree by getting 2 to 3 years education from a community college as well. The third way to become a registered nurse is to get a 3 to 4 years diploma administrated by a hospital. On the completion of the training, you will be appearing in the exam called NCLEX-RN to get a license so you can work as a registered nurse.

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