Dynamic Disk Converter: Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without Data Loss


Vince Kasperick

Along with the development of sciences and techniques, computers have become more common, and an increasing number of families acquired. With the passage of time, computers will become more and more familiar to people. Occasionally, they may change the basic system drive to a dynamic drive because of their improper operation. When changed, a few mistakes will come out. For instance, you can not run the system, to make things worse, blue screen of death, or BSOD for short, will cause you to feel bored. That’s why I want to tell you the strategies to convert a dynamic system disk to a basic disk.


Firstly, this easiest way is to delete all the volume of this disk. But if our system partition is on this system disk and it can not be deleted, how do we solve this problem? We can use an external hard disk or a USB drive and install an operating system in it, then start computer from this system and delete all the partitions on the former disk. So we can change a dynamic system disk to basic disk after a series difficult operation.Another way of the converting can be achieved with the help of a few third party tools, for example, data recovery and partition manager can do a favor. However, it’s necessary for you to pay attention to the software. It is dangerous to get back data because the data may be destroyed or can’t be recovered. What’s more, you will spend a long time on recovery because of the large size of the disk.Is there anyway to convert dynamic disk to basic disk without data loss and a lot of trouble? Of course, I have discover a tool which named dynamic disk converter, I only spent about 5 seconds on the converting. The most satisfactory thing is that I find all the data on the disk as perfect as before. And I also appreciate the guidance of this converter, although there are only 3 steps, but each step has detailed introduction. Even if you were a freshman, you can do well. Admittedly, dynamic disk has its own advantages. But for the computer green hand or rookie, in case of something unexpected happen, if you have converted a system basic disk to dynamic, we recommend the dynamic disk converter to you because of the step by step wizard mode.

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