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The fastest advice on how to get your ex back is advice that will help you make quick fixes to your appearance that will get the attention of the one that has broken your heart. This means that you will be limited to actions that can be done quickly, have an immediate impact on how you look, and that work within your budget.

So what is the fastest advice on how to get your ex back? Glad you asked.

The quickest ways most people can go about getting an ex back is to get the attention of said ex in a positive manner rather than a negative manner. In other words, you need to make another first impression and this one needs to be a TKO (total knock out).

What are some quick fixes for your look that you can make that will get the attention of your ex?


Work on Your Tan

There are many reasons that tanning is a good idea. Whether you visit the tanning bed, a spray on tanning salon, worship the sun a while (which is not recommended because of the potentially negative impact to your health), or you try any of the excellent sunless tanning products on the market you need to build a better tan.


Nicely tanned people look healthier and happier most of the time. What you absolutely want to avoid is looking like you’ve been hiding away from the world or making yourself sick with sorrow over the end of your relationship. This is not a step that is only meant for women. Men look healthier too if they have a little sun on their skin.

Brighten Your Smile

Those pearly whites will make hearts melt. If you’ve been neglecting your smile recently there are plenty of ways you can get the whiter, brighter smile that is going to earn you big time wow factor brownie points the next time you encounter your ex. When you couple that with a tanner complexion the your ex is going to be thinking of a quickie getaway with umbrella drinks, sand, and calypso bands in the background before you get a word in edgewise.

Change Your Hai

There are many things you can do with your hair that are quick fixes that will make you look like a completely different person. You don’t have to go into high maintenance hair styles in order to get a cut or color that is going to drop some jaws along the way (especially the jaw of your ex). Get rid of the grey, remove any dry, dull, split ends, and find a style that flatters that shape of your head and face. This is one area of the “new you” makeover you don’t want to skimp on. Plan to spend more than you’ve ever spent before on a hair cut and find a stylist that is widely recommended.

These small changes may not seem like much but they represent the fastest advice on how to get your ex back that is available. If you have more time to invest it won’t hurt to add a few stylish updates to your wardrobe, work on any skin conditions that may mar your beautiful skin, and either take off a few pounds or build a few new muscles for added attention. The first, and most difficult step, to get your ex back is to get the attention of your ex. These things will do that and more.

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