How Does BMW Lease Protection Plan Works?


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Leasing a coveted BMW lets you experience the world’s most enjoyable driving experience without having to own the car. Although, it’s end of the lease which will concerns car lovers. For one, they must bid good bye to the magnificent beauty and also on top of it they may require to pay for the excessively high price of the wear and tear of this superior car.


Yet caring as they are, BMW carmakers have tried to help people deal with damage prices related to leasing a car to ensure that people can also enjoy their BMW experience without any concern. The BMW’s new Lease Safety Program, which it even offers for the MINI lessees, is a really thoughtful program designed by BMW Financial Services that helps people get rid of the out-of-pocket payment for typical maintenance at the end of the lease period. This program, which many people call the extended-wear-and-tear protection, helps make the BMW leasing experience much more relaxed and convenient. Learn to get the BMW Lease Protection Plan advantage? To enjoy whole benefits of this program, you need to buy it right at the time of the leasing a BMW car as it is built-in with the BMW leasing experience. The cost of the program, $1,275 MSRP of the BMW Lease Protection can be rolled with your monthly lease payment, so that you won’t find any sort of financial burden. After the lease term, BMW itself insures claims for damages covered up under the Plan. This is not so if you buy third-party lease protection program, where by you pay on your own, submit a claim and wait for payment. What does BMW Lease Protection Plan covers? The very thoughtfully developed BMW Lease Protection Plan tries to minimize problems related to minor wear and tear of the car, which includes wheel problems, small dents which are usually witnessed at the end of the lease period. The BMW Lease Protection Plan includes up to $3,750 in excess wear and tear for items for example: * Dents and dings * Tires and wheels * Upholstery, including rips and tears * Carpets * Glass * Mirrors, mirror covers and housings * Exterior lights, including headlamps, fog lamps and tail-lamp assemblies * Bumpers, step bumpers and surrounding trim * Navigation/display screen * Factory-installed entertainment system * Convertible tops * Mufflers and tail pipes * Rubber door seals * Name-plate badges and hood ornaments * Moldings and trim, including metal and chrome * Missing parts (up to $300 per occurrence) How the program works? After the lease term, a lease-end check up is performed at the BMW Center. An inspector looks at the car and furthermore gives a lease-end inspection report to the customer. The claim is submitted right to the BMW Financial Services by the car dealership. The client does not have to do anything in the process. The program as well incentives the customers if there are no claims to be settled. Therefore the BMW Lease Protection Plan is the ideal solution for people who want to enjoy a worry-free leasing experience. The plan helps them do away with the need for getting costly insurance play and enjoy the BMW driving experience to the hilt.

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How Does BMW Lease Protection Plan Works?