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No makeup is complete without a touch to your eye and if it is said about eyes then your eyelashes are the most important part of your eye. It grows from the tips of your eyelids. Everyone wish to have long eyelashes that can make you look gorgeous and attractive. Every women dreams to have longer lashes but unluckily everyone is not blessed with long and thick eyelashes.

But no need to worry you can make your eyelashes longer by applying makeup or by natural ways. If you got long eyelashes then you need not to spend much on that but if you don’t then congrats you still don’t have to spend lots on it just go natural. Why not to grow the lashes naturally by simply taking care of yourself. Here you have few simple tricks to grow your eyelashes naturally?

1. Take Proper Care

To get a perfect amount of lashes take care of your eye. If you do everything but don’t keep your eye clean then everything is useless. Before going to bed take off your makeup and clean your eye with cold water.

2. Brush Eyelashes

You might have heard about the Eyelash brush which is use to brush eyelashes. It is one of the easiest ways to grows your lashes longer. Comb your eyelashes regularly and you will see the result in few weeks.

3. Vaseline

It is one of the old techniques that really work. Just use cotton stick or mascara brush swipe Vaseline on your eyelid before going to bed. Vaseline helps in making your lashes longer and thicker.

4. Natural Oils

You can even use the natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and castor oil to make it grows longer and thicker. Apply them regularly to see the difference. Natural oil contains vitamins, minerals as well as the lengthening agents that will enlarge your lashes and moisturize them.

5. Massage Eyelids

Most of the people face the issue of fall out and even break out of eyelashes if you mistreat them. To get rid of it massages your eyelids which will stimulate the hair follicles and make it grow stronger.

6. Diet

The natural growth of hair depends on the die you take. If you are tasking improper diet then you will notice that your body is not supporting proper hair growth. Try to eat more fruits and veggies to make your eyelashes grow longer naturally.

7. Vitamin E

To get faster result you can have Vitamin E supplements. Make routine of daily taking 1 medicine. Vitamin E will help you in increasing the lashes to maximum growth.

Now go any have gorgeous eye that can attract anyone. Eyes are the most vital part and if eye is perfect and attractive then it can easily reveal your personality. It is very well said that Beauty lies in the eye of beholder and if eye is appealing then beauty will be automatically revealed. Go Stunning with your gorgeous eye.

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