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Pool sand filters are designed to filter out the dirty water in your pool through a system that uses sand to remove particles and debris to clean the water and then it pushes it back into your pool. Pool sand filters leave you pool water crystal clean, clear and enticing to all.

At the Pool and Spa Warehouse they have a large range of pool sand filters to suit a variety of specifications. Their main brands of pool sand filters include the Hurlcon Sand Filters, Poolrite Enduro Sand Filters, Onga Pantera Sand filters and the Waterco Micron Sand Filters.

Hurlcon Sand Filters work very efficiently as they combine quality components and parts with the reliability pool owners wants from their pool sand filters. Their easy to clean function is also a plus for many pool cleaners and owners.

Poolrite Enduro Sand Filters are designed in Australia to provide superior performance for exceptional value in Australia’s harshest conditions. The one piece moulding of this sand filter allows for maximum strength and a lasting durability that is second to none. Some of the technical features of the Poolrite Enduro sand filters are:

– automatic air release

– integral pressure gauge

– specially designed tank that allows maximum filtration

When you choose this Australian made sand filter you receive 5 year guarantee from the manufacturer.

The Onga Pantera Sand Filters are manufactured in Australia and are more heavy duty sand filters that have a unique specially designed distribution system. This system keeps pool water fresh, clear and clean of debris without constant maintenance. Some of the main features of the Onga Pantera Sand filters are:

– made from UV stabilizer high-density polyethylene

– heavy duty

– high density

– multi port valve (6 positions)

– increases filtering efficiency

– allows used to check the filter backwash quickly and easily

Onga Pantera Sand filters have a reputation for durability and performance and are often the first choice for quality pool builders.

Suitable for selected commercial pool applications

The Waterco Micron Sand filters are available in four varieties- the S600, the S700, the S750 and the S800. The series of Waterco micron sand filters are constructed using the latest fiberglass and reinforced polyester resin technologies which have proven to be highly durable, which is perfect for the Australian environment.

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