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Seeking advice from credible Men’s Tailors is the true mark of a man’s style and dedication to excellence down to the minutest details of his being. This may sound way too extreme but the thing is, most truly successful men are wired this way. Most average men may seem to think of clothes as a mere necessity – something to just wear in public in order to cover some private things up, but real gentlemen are more refined in their choices and actions, even and most especially with their clothing.

Having custom dress shirts is the first step to this development. From making do with the standardized sizes and designs of off-the-rack clothing produced for mass consumption, the gentleman has stepped up or away from the cycle by building his own wardrobe according to his own personal sense of style. With the help of a mens tailor, you can also design your own shirts and be the master of your own style as you specify the particular things that you want to achieve with the wardrobe you are trying to build for yourself.

However, being given all this free-reign does not mean you won’t need to listen to some of the advices of your own tailor- the truly good ones have years of experience, knowledge, and developed skills with this expertise, and wise men would do well to also allow themselves to be educated by their leanings.


In building a wardrobe, what are the pieces of clothing that must be included in every responsible man’s closet?

1. Shirts- the number of shirts you should have custom-made for yourself must correspond to the number of times per month that you will be using them as you go out. Usually a two weeks’ worth of shirts would do for most men, and it would do to ask your tailor for the types of colors and patterns that you would need as staples.

2. Suits- a black suit and a white one must be considered as absolute requirements for every gentleman. Formal events may not always be often for most men, but to have these types of suits reserved (even just one of each, although more would be better) will save you from unnecessary panicking or embarrassing ignorance. To add spice to your wardrobe, you can also ask your tailor if other patterns such as herringbone, pinstripes, tweeds or solid monochromes in other hues would work for you. It is advisable to keep only an absolute minimum of seven suits for your wardrobe, and an ideal collection of two weeks’ worth of suits plus maybe one or two extras.

3. Slacks- despite normal pants that you can use for average days and on casual gatherings, you must also stack up on slacks as they are more appropriate for work, occasions such as formal parties, weddings, etc. Slacks make you look formal and classy so just like with most other requirements, a number of slacks worth of two weeks would be ideal for any well-dressed gentleman.

4. Ties- these are the “accessories” that can either draw good or bad attention, and ultimately engender a good or bad impression of your overall attire- this is why it is highly important to listen to your tailor’s advice on what sort of tie (as per pattern, color, length, width, shape, etc) is best suited for your purposes. They should complement your shirt and not look to severe, too dorky, or too bland. A minimum of about eleven ties is required, while 24 to 27 ties would be an ideal amount for a man’s wardrobe.

Having a Mens Tailor to guide your sartorial sensibilities is actually a blessing. Not only do you get someone who can educate you with the finer things about tailoring and the art of dressing up well (which, whether you like it or not, directly affects your life experiences and social interactions more instantly), but at the same time, can construct finished materials that is a compound of the application of these sage skills, and your own individual touches.

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