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If you enjoy playing scenario ball or woodsball, sooner or later you will need a sidearm to complement your main weapon for those tight spots on the field which require quick movement and the ability to shoot fast. Traditionally pistols are the weapon of choice for officers in the field. While they are light and easy to carry around, they lack the accuracy of a good rifle. Most sidearms are virtually useless at any distance greater than 50 meters, and usually 25-50 meters is the best range at which to fire them. When searching for a paintball pistol marker, don’t expect the same accuracy you get with your longer barreled rifle, or you will be disappointed. That said, there are several decent sidearms to choose from on the paintball field. The purpose of this article is to review one of the better choices for a starting paintball pistol – the Ariakon ACP 2.0.

Ariakon ACP 2.0 is the second generation Ariakon paintball pistol marker. It definitely has some nice upgrades and there is a major difference between firing this marker and firing the first generation model. Users in general have noted that the pistol is somewhat top heavy which will take some getting used to if you have any experience firing real pistols. The precision of the Ariakon ACP 2.0 is rather nice considering that the stock barrel included with the marker is a total of eight inches in length.

Overall the Ariakon is a quality made pistol for paintball. The marker itself weighs in at 2.2 pounds. The ACP 2.0 is constructed primarily of solid, metal components. It comes standard with two separate caliber bore sized muzzles and can be upgraded to run a Spyder threaded barrel. The ACP 2.0 runs a 12 gram CO2 cartridge


Some users of the ACP 2.0 have found it difficult to change out the CO2 cartridge quickly as the barrel extends out beyond the CO2 cap. If this is your first time using the pistol, it would be wise to spend some time practicing so that you can get used to changing your cartridge quickly rather than fumbling around with your marker on the field. Depending on the weather and how your marker is chrono’d, you can expect to get anywhere from 20 – 34 shots from one CO2 cartridge.

One of the largest strengths of the ACP 2.0 is the speed at which you can unload and reload magazines into the weapon itself. It is perhaps the fastest loading pistol on the paintball field in that regard. It takes literally seconds to drop and reload a second magazine into the pistol. Once it is in, the magazine cartridge has been known to wobble a little, but it won’t fall out.

I would recommend the ACP 2.0 pistol marker for scenario players and woodsball players. It is wonderful as a back up weapon or when running quick and hitting hard. This weapon is perfect for bunker assaults and other hit and run tactics. It is highly upgradeable and will last you for quite some time with a reasonable price tag.

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