Cleanse your body regularly with a mild solution. You should also keep your face, well-moisturized. Some moisturizers are heavier than others. The type of moisturizer that you use, may depend on the condition of your face. There are several types of moisturizers from which to choose. Spend some time sampling several different brands and formulas. The moisturizer should disappear into your face, leaving it smooth and subtle. Your face should not feel greasy or oily after applying the moisturizer. Most moisturizers should be applied twice a day. Some people use one moisturizer in the morning and another moisturizer in the evening.Although people with acne problems or those who constantly feel that they have dirty oily faces, tend to experiment with harsh cleansers or toners, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice. The products that you use can burn or damage your face. Some products may be too strong for your face, although they may work well for people who are not as sensitive.Over-the-counter acne treatments should be used in moderation. A dermatologist can recommend acne treatments that may be more effective for you. Sometimes finding the best treatment takes trial and error. If you notice irritation after using over-the-counter products, see a doctor as soon as possible. Continued use may make the problem worse.Exfoliation is also usually recommended. Products should not be too abrasive. They should gently remove dead cells and help improve their appearance of your face and body. Your body should appear smoother and clearer after these treatments. Ask your doctor about recommended frequencies for exfoliation. Your doctor should also be able to recommend products that will fit well into your skin care regimen.Even if the day is not particularly warm, you should use sunblock on your body. Sun damage can occur during the winter months as well as the summer months. Most people tend to forget that they should apply sun protection on snowy days. They tend to remember to add sunblock during a trip to the beach. Make sure that you are protected every day that the sun is shining. Wear sunblock on ski trips, while snowboarding, or outdoor ice skating.If you have not been practicing proper skin care, a doctor may be able to help reverse some of the damage. Cosmetic surgery, or in-office treatments, may be helpful to undo some of the damage to your face and body. To make the results last longer, you will be asked to start, and consistently use, a skin care regimen.Most people have trouble remembering to complete the tasks that will help. Schedule time-periods to wash your face, moisturize, exfoliate, and complete other treatments. You may opt to use masks to provide deep treatments. Once you schedule time to treat your body, the tasks will become a habit. Daily preventive measures can delay some of the environmental impacts that could negatively impact your face and body.