byAlma Abell

Residential and commercial plumbers provide installation and repair services for water, waste and other systems. An important plumbing service in Nassau County is emergency call-outs to find and repair leaks as well as unclogging drains and fixtures. Although many services are not done on an emergency basis, plumbers also install garbage disposals, maintain and repair water heaters and provide full service during a bathroom or kitchen renovation that includes new plumbing or the relocation of existing services. Many plumbers also clean tree roots from the sanitary drain leading to the main sewer as well as provide inspection services for existing systems.


There are times when all of a sudden the water consumption jumps considerably, this usually means that there is a leak somewhere in the pressure water piping. At times the homeowner may be able to locate the leak but at other times the plumber may have to spend several hours cutting into walls looking for the source of the problem.

It is easy for a drain to get clogged when you consider the amount of food particles, hair and other residue that goes down a typical drain. A major plumbing service in Nassau County is clearing clogged drains using snakes, a rooter or even hydro jetting.

A common tool in a plumber’s arsenal is a rooter machine. These machines consist of a long, flexible cable with blades attached which spin and clear the clog. Plumbers also use a snake which does a similar job however; there are snakes that carry a small camera with them into the drain to locate the source of the problem. Hydro jetting utilizes water under high pressure and is also used to clear clogs in drains and septic systems.

A major problem that many homeowners encounter is tree roots that grow into the sewer pipe. The roots can eventually block the drain completely and cause major problems. A plumber uses the camera to identify the problem area and then remove them using the rooter.

Plumbers are often called to a home which is being purchased or sold to conduct a survey of the plumbing system. The inspection covers a visual inspection of the pipes, checking to see that all faucets are operating properly and test the drains for flow.

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