How Often Do You Need Lawn Treatments In Kansas City, Mo?

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byAlma Abell

If you read the instructions on a bag of lawn fertilizer, you might think that you only need to apply the same chemicals once or twice a year. That’s not only untrue, it’s actually dangerous advice. It can be dangerous for your lawn as well as your family if you leave certain chemicals on your lawn for too long. If you want to keep your lawn looking great, you need at least three lawn treatments in Kansas City, MO. If you want it to be absolutely beautiful year-round, you probably want six treatments from professionals nearby. However, all types of lawn spraying are not created equal. Some are more important than others.


Winterizer is the most important lawn spraying application of the year. The experts at Gunter Pest & Lawn apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn before the winter sets in. Nitrogen is the chemical that encourages rooting and strong leaf growth. A high-nitrogen fertilizer provides your lawn with enough stored nutrients so that it can survive the winter. It will bounce back with vigorous growth after the winter ends.

That’s why winterizer is one of the most important lawn fertilizing applications from a company close to you. It’s not the only important one, though. You also need a home pest inspection at some point throughout the year.

Inspect for Pests

Inspecting for pests is important as part of your lawn treatments because it will help you avoid anything that might be eating your lawn. Also, pests can often be a sign that something has gone wrong with your lawn. You should search for professionals nearby to look for pests that might be in your lawn or in your home.

Throughout the Year

Throughout the year, you will need a few different lawn treatments that will help you keep your lawn looking great. It will look green and lush throughout the year; that’s the best way to keep a great lawn year-round.

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Your New Home Isn’t Ready Yet? Choose Climate Controlled Self Storage

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byAlma Abell

People need extra storage for many reasons. Some people are moving to a new home that hasn’t closed yet, but, their old home has already sold. They’ll have to store their possessions until the purchase of their new home has gone through. Moving and storage companies offer both services. They have rental trucks available to help with moving, starting from a one or two room truck all the way to a seven room truck. They have boxes and other moving supplies available for purchase to make a move much easier.

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There are small and large boxes suitable for packing knick-knacks, glasses, dishes, coffee pots, photos, bed clothes and other items. Moving companies also have plastic bags, bubble wrap, various tapes and boxes to make your move much easier and quicker. Ask the company you talk to about any money-saving discounts they have available for the month. Log onto and read about one company that has quite a few climate controlled Self Storage units available right now.

There are also other companies in the area that have storage units for rent. Most of them offer services for customers to choose one and pay the rent online. They offer extra help by putting size guides on their websites. After a person makes their move to a home, they’ll still need storage space for all the extras they may not want to unpack immediately. If clients have televisions, computers, printers and other electronic equipment, they should always choose a Self Storage company that offers climate control units to avoid dampness during weather changes.

If you need to store everything, you’ll have to pick the right size unit that can handle it. For instance, if your old home was four or five bedrooms, your best choice would be a 10? x 30? unit to be sure everything will fit in it properly. An average bedroom would call for a 10? x 10? size to hold a smaller number of belongings. Storage companies have websites that state very clearly what they offer. Whether you’re moving and want to rent a moving truck or you need to put your belongings in a safe place until your home is ready, leasing a storage unit is the right way to go.

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