A Comparison Between Web Directories And Search Engines

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Submitted by: Macon Gravlee

Web directories and the search engines are mostly used interchangeably that many people tend to get confused. Generally, web directories are lists of numerous web pages listed according to their categories. All websites listed contain reviews about what is contained in the websites, and the name and link of the website. One is able to locate a category and then easily navigate to the sites listed in each given category.

Web directories are manual meaning that they are run and reviewed by humans and not computers as is the case with the search engines. Before a website is listed in web directories, a human being has to review the entire website and not specific keywords and upon approval list it in the directory whereby a website can only be listed in one category only.

Search engines on the other hand use key phrases and words to help internet users locate websites. A search is conducted on the name, titles, contents, and at times in the inside pages depending on the search engine used. Once the search is complete, all results are listed providing the internet user with numerous website links as closely related to the search query as possible.

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The most confusing part about web directories and the search engines is that many a times, they are both found within the same website. In other words, Yahoo and Google, despite being search engines, have web directories where searches can also be conducted. There is the provision of searching for something in the directories to locate a specific topic. Yahoo started off in the beginning as a web directory before it further included search engine services.

In order for your website to be listed in directories, it has to undergo certain procedures. First and foremost, you will need to submit the name of the site and any other data so that it can be reviewed, and categorized in the directory. You can do a free submission or paid submission, it all depends with your financial capabilities. As for the search engines, you wouldn t need to submit your website, the automated crawlers index all websites for free, although indexing may take quite a long while.

You therefore have to link your website to others so that you can be located by the search engines, and this is where web directories come in. The surest way to get links to your site so that you can get better rankings with the search engines is to submit to the directories. For better traffic, some web masters even pay directories for some better traffic. Note that the search engines, through search engine optimization and other techniques, provide traffic to websites so that they can get front page listings. However, this may take a long while hence for better page a rank, directory submissions is of greatest importance.

Both web directories and search engines give links of useful websites to internet surfers. With some knowledge on what web directories are and what search engines are, and their major differences and their mechanisms of work, you can be in a better position to conduct a query.

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