Energy Efficient Air Conditioners Could Save New Braunfels Residents Thousands Of Dollars

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Summers in New Braunfels, TX are just plain hot. Despite standard convention that says summer begins in June and ends in September, Texas summers can begin as early as April or May and last all the way through to November in some years. When those triple-digit temperatures hit, residents of New Braunfels are thankful for sweet TX tea, tubing on the Guadalupe, and their airconditioners.

Those airconditioners, however, sure do add to the cost of utility bills. In fact, half of a home’s energy costs in a year come from heating and cooling, of which airconditioners pull more than their fair share. Most TX homes are relatively inexpensive to heat in the winter, but come summer, airconditioners that have to run almost non-stop can cause utility bills to skyrocket.

One way to save money on energy in the summer is to replace old airconditioners with new, energy efficient airconditioners. If your unit is more than 12 years old, experts say that you can cut your cooling costs by up to 30 percent with Energy Star-rated airconditioners. Airconditioners that have earned the Energy Star rating have met strict standards set by the EPA. These airconditioners are built to provide optimal comfort while saving energy at the same time. In addition, they help to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases into the environment.

Airconditioners that are Energy Star compliant are about 14% more efficient than traditional airconditioners. This means that these units will keep a New Braunfels home cooler in the summer with less wear and tear on the unit.

Replacing old airconditioners is just one way to cut down on energy costs. Once they are replaced, New Braunfels residents are encouraged to replace air filters regularly, at least once a month. Dirty filters make airconditioners have to work harder, and that wastes valuable energy. For some homeowners, installing programmable thermostats is also a way to make sure that airconditioners run at peak performance. These thermostats can use pre-programmed settings to control temperatures for those extended periods of time when homes are empty. When used properly, such thermostats can save approximately $180/year in energy costs.

Energy Star airconditioners provide an energy saving, cost saving option for residents of New Braunfels who are looking to stave off the TX heat while saving on energy costs and while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the depletion of our natural resources. If it is time to replace your unit, you might consider investigating energy efficient airconditioners.

Air Conditioners New Braunfels TX – Air conditioners in New Braunfels, TX can really take a beating, so it’s critical to have a trustworthy provider who can manage your repairs, maintenance, and if needed, installation of any and every HVAC type.

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Coffee Lovers Applaud New And Improved Vending Machines In New York City

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byAlma Abell

New Yorkers can be very picky about their food and drinks. It makes perfect sense, as they live and work in the most cosmopolitan city in the world. They have access to international cuisines not seen outside of their native lands. When it comes time for a cup of coffee or tea, New Yorkers never have to settle for second best.

This is exactly why NYC coffee lovers look forward to seeing new Vending Machines in New York City. Instead of the same tired coffee vending machines seen in public places and commercial centers, they know that they will be able to get a steaming hot cup of java the way it was meant to be poured. New vending machines in New York City also feature tea, mocha and hot chocolate selections for those people who like to try something entirely different while they wait.

Employers who install vending machines for their employees will be thanked by their workforce members. When office machines provide a good cup of coffee in the morning, workers are less likely to stop for their morning fix on their way into the office. This in turn, is an excellent way to prevent the inevitable late entrance from that person who had to wait in line at their favorite coffee cafe. When it come time for a mid-morning or afternoon break, employees now have a place to purchase their beverages without leaving the building or immediate area.

A break or lunch room that is highly valued by employees at all levels contains machines that sell more than coffee. Machines that sell fruit, baked goods, and snack foods are always a major hit. It allows employees to augment the sandwich they brought for their lunch, with something sweet or salty. To make hot and cold beverages even more special, such supplies as rock candy on a stick can be ordered from the website For those offices and retail stores that prefer to make their coffee selection on their own, a full range of coffees and teas can be ordered from the extensive selection on these web pages. The team at If You Love Coffee wishes for everyone to browse our website to find whatever they like at their own convenience.

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